Our Leitmotifs

Our beliefs are fact-based.

We believe that to each problem, there is a solution.

We believe that the complicity and energy we are known for is integral to our clients’ sense of belonging.

We believe that beyond the numbers, there are people.

We believe that strong governance principles are an intrinsic part of today’s business environment.

We believe that the entrepreneur knows his business best ; all it takes is an occasional validation of perspectives or specific plans.

We believe that continuous professional development enhances our skills and allows our clients to benefit from leading-edge trends.

We believe in the advantages provided by a network of equivalent and complementary skills and expertise.

We believe that accounting needs to be adaptable.

We believe that investors deserve an assurance process that protects them.

We believe that fiscal planning is only one of the facets linked to the challenge of successful succession planning.

We believe that successful succession planning starts with a thorough understanding of the issues and the input of a neutral and objective third party, there to facilitate communication.